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Bokar Rinpoche
A new Kālacakra meditation centre in Dharamsala
NEW: Seven year course on Kālacakra and the Six Yogas
Introduction to Kālacakra
Kālacakra Practice
Sanskrit and Symbolism
Kālacakra Emblem
Kālacakra Heart Seed-syllable
Seeds of the Kālacakra maṇḍala deities
UPDATED: Sambhala maṇḍala at Dzamthang
The Vajrāvalī Kālacakra maṇḍala
Perimeter beings of the maṇḍala
Maṇḍala of 100 types of yoginī
Maṇḍala of Mahāsaṃvara Kālacakra
Wrathful Kālacakra
Kālacakra maṇḍala symbolism
Maṇḍala literalism
On the size of the maṇḍala
Depictions of the ground
Kālacakra and number
Models and astronomy
Orbital Confusion
Sambhala Kings
Kālacakra empowerment in Poland, 2005
Kālacakra empowerment
The Six Yogas
The case against astrology
Kālacakra Calendar (many sub-topics)
Sanskrit edition of the Kālacakrāvatāra
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A Reformed Tibetan calendar
Open source Kālacakra calendar software; modern calculations
Open source Kālacakra calendar software; traditional calculations
Open source Tibetan calendar software
Open source software for Tsurphu calendar
Open source Sherab Ling calendar software
Open source Bhutan calendar software
A daily problem in Bhutan
Open source Tibetan printing software
The strange world of Dieter Schuh

E. Gene Smith, who passed away on 16th December 2010. During many years through the 60s and 70s, due to his involvement with the American Library of Congress in New Delhi, Gene was responsible for the republishing of vast quantities of Tibetan textual materials that might otherwise now have been lost. In recent years he founded the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center in New York, and has been responsible for the publication of these same texts, and many others, in digital format. His contribution to the preservation and dissemination of Tibetan Buddhist material is simply unmatched. Of the many obituaries that have been written, this and this give brief but valuable descriptions of the man and his life's work. H.H. 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, has also written these comments in remembrance of Gene.


3D Kālacakra maṇḍala – click on image for higher resolution. This is the style that would be used if a 3D structure were to be built inside, say, a monastery. The full elemental disks cannot be represented, and so they are modelled following the same style as in the 2D maṇḍala. Click on this link to download a (new and improved, December 2014) 3D animation of the maṇḍala palace (230 MBs). A slightly more detailed and higher resolution animation is also available from this link (292 MBs).

"All beings arise in time,

Time continually consumes them all,

Time is the Lord who possesses the vajra,

Whose nature is that of day and night."

– Vimalaprabhā

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